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Alternative Healing that often works where nothing else will
Emotional Freedom - Health & Disease - Enhance Performance.

Emotional Freedom Techniques was first introduced by a student of Dr Roger Callahan the founder of TFT Thought Field Therapy, Gary Craig. It is derived from combining the ancient healing principals of Chinese acupuncture, which uses a map of the bodies energy system, or meridians, with more modern approaches to understanding human psychology. By stimulating key meridian points, EFT releases subtle energies that have been placed there from personal perceptions from emotional traumas and early conditioning that have resulted in emotional intensity and limiting belief systems.

By tapping, or releasing these stuck energy patterns whilst focusing on specific issues, amazing results can occur. It's been known to release the emotional dramas and result in physical relief of chronic illness in minutes. However, it may take a course of sessions to peel away the many layers of beliefs and traumas which holds many people in a state of emotional and physical illness.

Suitable for all ages – children and adults

• Big or small traumas of life

I specialise in:

• Enhancing performance – sport, music, academic

Free initial consultation. Sessions are held either in the Highcliffe/Christchurch area, over the phone or Zoom





"I was looking forward to the school trip to Paris but NOT of going up the Eiffel Tower because I'm scared of heights. One EFT session with Gill sorted that out and I enjoyed a fabulous view of Paris right from the TOP of the Eiffel Tower. A dream comes true. Thanks Gill."
H. Christchurch


After two years of feeling extremely anxious and worried, Gill, through EFT, helped me to be much more relaxed and positive about life. I was spending every minute of each day obsessively worrying about everything. EFT allowed me to let go of all these worries and enjoy my life again. The results have been absolutely outstanding.
E. Poole


"A non swimmer of nearly 63 years years of age I wanted to learn to swim. I had a deep fear of the water but despite this my husband encouraged me to a small private swimming bath where I began to learn a few strokes. I could not however get past my fears of going out of my depth. I asked Gill for help. After the first session I was able to put my face down into the water and look at my toes and after the 2nd and final session I could put my head under water. I was also able to give up my water aid. Definitely a success story."
Pauline, Highcliffe



The study of human excellence

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was developed in the 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who set out to discover how people who were excellent in their fields created and maintained their high levels of performance. Bandler & Grinder's work has resulted in a set of powerful tools which can help us all to improve our personal and professional effectiveness in any area we choose: communication, relationships, sport, business, health, therapy and education, among others.
NLP offers us a way of understanding how we, as unique individuals, create our worlds. It provides us with ways to create the changes we want to make easily and naturally, so that we can live, express and develop ourselves as we want to.

NLP works seamlessly with EFT. With the combination of these two skills I offer individual, private sessions to assists you in understanding how you operate in the world and help in finding your blocks, limiting beliefs and past traumas that can contribute to a myriad of varying emotional and physical problems.


"Gill's effective use of NLP was a life saver in turning around negative patterns into useful solutions. By inviting in these patterns, making friends with them and moving past their influence I feel like I can breath a huge sigh of relief. " G. Poole












EFT Often Works When

Nothing Else Will

Life Retuning /NLP- empowering you


Private Coaching Sessions - £60  for 1 hour , book 5 sessions for £275  

plus free initial consultation.




OR PHONE: 075 388 01733






For comprehensive training in the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I recommend Joyous Isle.

Their aim is to bring some of the best workshops available in the field of mind/body/spirit, healing and the arts to Dorset, thus making them more accessible and affordable for local people.


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