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Laughter is the best medicine – using simulated laughter exercises soon get you laughing your socks off! And deep breathing brings peace and joy.  How many people have enough laughter in their lives? Laughter yoga can help put it in. Suitable for everyone of any age.   


Gill brings Laughter into team building events, schools, beginning /ending of corporate events. Laughteryoga, hatha yoga, coaching and/or EFT/NLP can all be used together or as separate packages for the workplace. Their innumerable benefits include stress busting, ice breakers, team building, boosting self esteem and confidence.


I shared Laughteryoga with several thousand people when I was interviewed on BBC Radio Solent and we giggled along to put smiles on our faces and a willingness to laugh for no reason.


A local secondary school in Poole invited me along to their PHSE/Extended Learning session pre exams - a treat for the students to chill out and laugh for no reason - a huge stress buster. A fantastic session and fun had by all. - see testimonial from Jill Buller below.


A local primary school in Bournemouth had a Laughteryoga day for Years 3-6 where each class enjoyed laughing and then the upper and the lower school shared laughs together. A hilarious, fun filled  hoot of a day of creativity shared with  staff and pupils.

Excellent  also to use before exams, competitions, dramas etc – it keeps you in the present moment and is a great stress buster.

Its such a fun, child like thing to do and what cheap health care it really is.

The Acorn Project at Oakhaven Hospice

Gill  has brought laughter sessions to The Acorn Project at Oakhaven Hospice,  where the benefits of Laughter are truly amazing.



These simulated laughter exercises have incredible health benefits:
combats stress, increases endorphins- the happy hormones, lowers cortisol and other stress hormones, increases white blood count, raises antibody levels so colds are decreased.
Aids circulation, gives the body an internal aerobic workout etc etc
It is thought that 75% of illnesses are stress related - so if this can help - why aren't we doing more of it!!!!!!!!





Gill  takes laughter out into the world of work, talks, demonstrations etc.  Anything to get the laughter out there and help to make this world a happier place. .So, we  laugh for no reason.  This is the best fun ever and can lift any mood to dizzy heights without the dizziness. 10-15 minutes of laughter actually can change your body chemistry so is more than helpful to combat stress. The health benefits  are amazing as are the benefits to business, schools and on a social level too.  So. laughter is good for everyone and YOU are welcome to enjoy the frivolity, the seriousness, the fun, the highs, the giggle muscle finder and the sheer joy of laughing for no reason. 

 Due to the Coronavirus Laughteryoga will now only be practiced outside, 2 meters apart or online on Zoom until further notice.


 "We booked laughter yoga with Gill for a hen do and it was the perfect activity - a great icebreaker and start to a wonderful and hilarious weekend. Gill began by explaining the origins of laughter yoga, which was really interesting, and we were all crying with laughter within minutes of starting the activity. 

"Everyone loved the class. We had a few teachers in our group who are now hoping to bring laughter yoga into the classroom! It was so much fun!"

"We were delighted to host Gill at Poole High School to deliver a Laugh Yoga session to our sixth form students as part of their preparation for exams. The session involving over 200 students had moments of madness, students uncontrollably laughing and offered the break from exam stress we were hoping for! We would be thrilled to welcome Gill back next year to motivate and de-stress our next cohort." JB



“I had a great time last night and I’m sure everyone else did too. Thank you so much for holding the event of SCF[Save the Children Fund] – we will have saved lives by having fun!  I kept thinking of all the mad things we did when I went to bed and lay there giggling to myself.  I had a good night’s sleep, much longer stretch without waking than I usually do.” BJ.


“It was unusual and lots of fun.  Not sure if it is anything to do with Laughteryoga, but I had the best night’s  sleep I have had in months.  I didn’t  toss and turn AND I didn’t wake up until 7.45! Wonderful!” D.


NASUWT Regional Annual Conference: Life/Work Balance Testimonials:

"It was great to switch off from everything else and have a 'laugh'! I believe it is good for tension relief. Interesting to hear how it developed. Would be interested in trying to get something sorted for a school In Service Training Day"
"It was an excellent session, which I really enjoyed in spite of my initial reservations. I will definitely use some of this in school"
"I was surprised at how easy it was to join in - I had expected to feel much more intimidated - but the size of the group made it feel very nonthreatening and the exercises were easy to follow. Great fun! Thank you"
"Really fun. Should be compulsory on training days!



 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Train with Gill Taylor on the beautiful South coast of England.

This 2 day extravaganza is the most amazing course - it can give you an incredible natural high and you will then have these tools to pass onto others.  You may want to come along on this course purely for your own self development and learn fun loving techniques to add more fun and laughter to your own life or you can spread laughter and joy into the community and your work place.

By becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader you can spread laughter and joy into Laughter Clubs, community organisations, schools, social clubs, corporate organisations, yoga and fitness studios, senior care facilities and the work place ----to name a few.  Or, you may like to learn these Laughter yoga techniques to add more fun and laughter into your own life.

Our world needs more laughter, happiness and joy.

The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training comprises of 2 days training as originally outlined by Dr. Madan Kataria the Founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement.

Who is this training for?

This training is open to all people over 18 years old to use personally and/or to start up a Laughter Club in your area, bringing more joy, laughter and happiness into your community.

It is also ideal for people working in the following professions:

Yoga teachers, school teachers, recreation centre coaches, health care professionals, HR Management,  Life Coaches and Complimentary Health Therapists and Team Leaders – to name a few……….

What you will get:

 Laughter yoga Leader  E - Manual


During the 2 days you will:

And much more..


Upon successful completion you will receive a Laughter Yoga Leader certificate which will enable you to get the appropriate insurance to run Laughter Clubs and workshops if you so wish.  You are then  a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Where and when?


Stanpit Village Hall, Christchurch Harbour, Dorset. 13/14th October 2018


The course fee is only £230 to be paid in full before the course starts.   Early bird payment of £195 if paid 1 month before the start of the course. If 2 or more friends friends book together the cost is £180 each.

Please email me for a Registration Form and any other information you may require.


Past Students have said:


'This was great fun and enlightening.  I enjoyed every bit of the training.'

'Gill was entertaining and supportive giving us a great deal of inspiration and enthusiasm to proceed with our clubs and classes'

'A highly enjoyable and stimulating course. Gill is an excellent teacher who brings warmth and a breadth of experience to the subject. Strongly recommended'

'2 of the best training days I've ever attended. At the end of both days I felt energised and so positive. A great group and a great teacher. Lovely to learn more about Laughter Yoga and looking forward to many more laughs.

'Gill is a friendly person who cares about her students needs and is passionate about Laughter Yoga. Thank you.'

'All the information, and the way it was put across, in a fun and relaxing way was most valuable. The course was informative, we were made to feel at ease, it was very enjoyable and I shall miss the group'

'Following the first day of training I felt uplifted, light and energised. I didnt think about it at the time, but realised after that I was free of pain. For someone who has been suffering with chronic head pain for over 12 years its fantastic to experience some relief.' - Duane,.  Pain Management Group, Poole.

Thanks Gill, I thoroughly enjoyed the training and now feel I have the skills to spread the laughter!  It was so fantastic to let my child like skills present themselves that modern day life prevents us from doing so far too frequently!

Really really enjoyed it. I'd be happy to recommend this course to anybody.  I feel that I can go out and run my own laughter club, I have gained all the knowledge I need and all the confidence required. Thank you so much Gill

Felt listened to, the instruction was very clear. Everyone was respectful of one another. Thank you



Events - see workshop page:


 'Bye-bye stress -  an event being held at Bournemouth University on Monday 23rd March.  Lots of different events to do with relieving stress including Laughter Yoga scheduled for 4.30pm.












What is Laughteryoga?

Dr. Kataria started 'laughteryoga' in Mumbia, India in 1995 with a handful of people. It has now spread to over 5 continents, over 60 countries, over 6000 clubs with over 1 million members. Laughing 'for no reason' brings all cultures and languages together - actions speak louder than words! Laughter also keeps us in the present moment where there is no fear, just joy.

How to participate:
1. have eye to eye contact
2. willingness to participate
3. and we have this lovely saying ' fake it, fake it, till you make it' - meaning that the body knows no difference between real laughter and fake. I can assure you that it doesn't take long for giggles to be infectious if you're not belly laughing already.

To book a place, phone Gill Taylor:
Mobile: 07538801733 – Land line: 01425 276 792 – Email:


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