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CD: A Journey into Stillness
with Relaxation & Visualisations

This is compiled in such a way that each one {there are 5} is to be used on its own. So, you select the one that suits you for now.
There are different relaxation techniques that are used with the Visualisations. The Relaxation and Visualisations vary in times. These are shown next to each titled track. You can then choose in advance which one is suitable for you on the day.
1. Swimming with a Dolphin - 12.41.mins
2. The Wise One - 11.28mins
3.The Angelic Rabbit Hole - 14.29mins
4.The Cloud takes you through a Rainbow of Colours in the sky - 13.57mins
5.Courage - 20.36mins

Disclaimer- whilst listening to this audio recording of relaxation and visualisation it is recommended that you listen whist sitting or lying down comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed for a while.
Do not listen to this whilst driving a vehicle or heavy machinery or when doing nothing other than sitting or lying down relaxing.
As a precaution, ask permission from your GP if you are on medication for any psychological illness.

£9.90 (includes p&p in the UK.)



workout and Relaxation

CD: Yoga Workout & Relaxation

This was originally made as an audio cassette and has been recently updated to an audio CD. It is aimed at adults who would dearly love to do a workout regularly at home but find it difficult to find time, or forget what was practised in class even though they were sure they would remember when they arrived home! It is for those of you who are curious as to what a Yoga workout is.
It is intentionally short, ie, 30 minutes approx. - it maybe more likely to fit into your day with this time span {30 mins is as long as some 'soaps' on the TV - and Yoga is far more relaxing!}
It is a gentle workout that can be used for a beginner as well as those who are more advanced. Many of my students have said that they use it when on holiday. The 'track listing' has pictures of the postures.
Relaxation - I will talk you through a deep relaxation and then guide you mentally to a favourite place of yours. This session lasts about 20 minutes.
The Workout and relaxation can be played together or separately.
When using this CD one needs to be undisturbed for the required time and not to be driving or operating any machinery. If you are in any doubt to its suitability then permission from doctor is necessary.

This has been favourably reviewed by Yoga & Health magazine and Spectrum [BWY Magazine]. I have had many beautiful comments from people that have bought this not only in this country but in Europe, Africa and New Zealand.


£9.90 (includes p&p in the UK.)


WAtersports dvd

DVD: Yoga for Watersports
14 years and older


Yoga for Watersports enthusiasts.
The Yoga postures featured on this DVD will enhance the benefits of watersports such as surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, waterskiing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, kite surfing etc.

Gill will take you through 3 Yoga sessions

Yoga before Watersports – giving warm up and appropriate stretches for the body and focus and concentration for the sport ahead.

Yoga after Watersports – it is important to ‘cool down’ after sport so the stretches of Yoga are perfect for this.  Always allow time when you come out of the water for stretching.

Yoga practice at home – practicing at home between watersport sessions helps keep your body supple and your mind alert.  These postures can be practiced anything between once a day to once a week.  It is also beneficial to use this as cross training with other discipines.


Gill Taylor is a qualified Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching Yoga for many years to adults and children.

She has made this DVD specifically for young people from the age of 14 and over.  The young people in this DVD are aged between 14 and 16, as is Michael, at the time of filming;

James Taylor is a national surfer
Laurence Taylor is a competitive body boarder
Izzy and Steph Worrall both enjoy surfing, body boarding and kayaking for leisure.

So, you can see and have a sense of this ‘Yoga for Watersports’ DVD being suitable for all levels – for those of you who enjoy the sea on a leisurely as well as competitive level.

The Yoga on the beach was filmed in Highcliffe, Dorset by Michael Worrall.
Michael has recorded and helped to edit this DVD with Arthur Rathbone Pullen who also produced it.
Voiceover recorded at Faustuss Studios – www.faustuss.com
James and Michael composed and played the music.


£12.99 (includes p&p in the UK.)


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