hatha yoga


It is as pertinent today as it has been for the past 5000 years or so.  It can help us to find that quiet space and time in our busy worlds for stillness.



 My classes are now face to face and I run one Zoom class too weekly. All of these are flexible and changes with the most current Coronavirus updates.


Why One-to-One? 
Varying reasons maybe that your time does not allow you to come to a class; you may prefer individual teaching; you may have a specific need at the moment – physical or emotional that you feel 1-1 yoga can address the best.  This can also extend to learning meditation, relaxation or different breathing methods to ease stress.  These have been postponed due to Covid 19

Yoga in small groups [2-4]
A yoga programme can be set up specifically for this, again on as regular a basis or as you require. 


Relaxation Courses 
Learnt in small groups  of 3- 6 people  – different ways of relaxing the body and mind: learn different relaxation techniques to suit you personally,

-sleep better

-ability to see stress when it's coming and be able to act on it before it takes over.

-be confident and feel good about yourself

-feeling of being in control

-using time effectively and efficiently

-to enjoy yourself

-be lighthearted



Yoga Workshops
A variety of one day specialist workshops which will be advertised separately. 


Yoga classes 
These are held regularly for the duration of 1 hour. Gill welcomes students of all ages and abilities, newbies and those who have been practicing for some time too. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques as well as meditation. Breathing will lead and be used in harmony with postures to include: standing, sitting, lying, forward and back bends, balance and twisting. The whole body is then exercised. Students work at their own pace within their own capabilities.

What can student's achieve? - suppleness, more energy, concentration, stress relief, relaxation and a sense of Well Being - to name a few plusses!

All my classes are very friendly and we socialise outside of Yoga class time regularly. 


Yoga is recommended by the Health Profession


 Chair Yoga

Gentle Yoga exercise to help keep the joints moving. [All movements will be suitable for everybody]. Co-ordinating movements to help keep the brain working!. Relaxation to keep stress at bay. Meet great people and have fun. These are small, fun and friendly classes allowing for personal attention This is open to all who enjoy exercise but can no longer get down onto the floor and rise gracefully - or who are limited in other ways. Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome. 

I am available for groups such as WI, Fibro, Etc for one off sessions.


Corporate training
Yoga workshops can be brought into the workplace for their innumerable benefits including team building as can Laughteryoga. These can be incorporated together or in separate packages. 


Children's Yoga classes

The benefits of Yoga are enormous for children of all ages. Yoga helps to keep the body supple and strong, helps to develop concentration and stimulates creativity. And it goes beyond improving coordination, balance and flexibility. It enhances a feeling of Well Being and self esteem. Yoga practise needs concentration, mindfulness, encouraging the mind to focus on one thing and helping to bring a sense of clarity. Such skills are useful for the ability to learn inside and outside of school. Yoga can help to control the body when agitated or lethargic, boost energy and also calm the body and mind. It can help to improve self confidence and self image. The Yoga techniques used are designed to maximise each person's potential for good health. Starting Yoga when young gives children the best foundation for life.



 Preschool Yoga
It is as important for the young ones to learn yoga and its benefits through yoga in play, rhythm and relaxation.



"I have been living with the very debilitating illness of ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 16 years.
Trying to find ways to help my recovery, I decided that I would try Yoga and have found it to be instrumental in my recovery. Yoga not only conditions and strengthens the body, it also 'works' on the mind, giving a more positive outlook on every day events.
I can highly recommend it."

Brenda from Christchurch


 I find Gill's yoga class very relaxing. I love the deep relaxation session at the end of the class. I used to be a high impact aerobics person but now would rather relax with the flow of Yoga.


I have been doing yoga with Gill for some years now, and find it very beneficial, both physically and mentally. Gill guides all her clients to do just what is comfortable for them, re-enforcing advice for each posture regularly, to remind us how to adapt them for our own circumstances. She gives health guidance, too, with regard to such problems as high blood pressure, back and knee problems, so that we know just how far to go with each exercise. And when it comes to the relaxation part of the evening, her gentle, serene voice is just what we need to melt into the atmosphere of each meditation. Highly recommended!


Thank you for getting me to do things I would never have believed I would be able to do. This is the highlight of my week.

Maureen  Highcliffe Chair Yoga


I wanted to return to a yoga class (after about 8 years) and had done an EFT session with Gill who I found to be amazing! She gave me the tools through the use of EFT to overcome performance nerves which I'd struggled with for years as a musician. Although there are many yoga classes in the area, I knew that Gill's calm and empathetic personality would be perfect for me to return to yoga after such a long break.


I had overworked myself for a number of years, putting my mind and body through its paces. Gill took into consideration all my needs, including the damage I had done to my neck and shoulders and various other physical symptoms. She incorporates exercises that compliment and aid these difficulties and I have felt a notable difference over a period of approximately 18 months. 


The class helps me to switch off from the outside world mentally, along with the stretching exercises that help me physically, the class has everything I currently require.  I particularly enjoy the relaxation at the end of the class and never want it to end! 

Thank you Gill!!



 I had done a little yoga, many years ago when I was pregnant, and I was keen to try some more. I was looking for a way to keep myself supple as I moved into middle age.  When my mother died at the age of 80, she was able to touch her toes and do sit ups, I wanted to feel I was keeping up with her!

 Gill's classes have a wonderful air of peace and tranquillity, which can sometimes be an oasis in a hectic world.  She is a great teacher too, giving us all options to adjust poses and stretches if we can't manage the full thing



I wanted  a personal challenge to maintain my flexibility, and overall fitness levels when approaching old age and to achieve flexibility,  maintaining a fitness level in keeping with my age of 63.

Gill brings humour, experience, and an ability to convey a team spirit, whilst having a thorough varied workout in a caring environment to her classes. I highly recommend them











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